The Case preview

As for the second preview in this issue, it certainly goes to “The Case”. It is going to be a detective mystery created by eVOLVE. When I first saw the demo I thought “Wow! This is a very professional game!”, and I wasn’t wrong either. It featured a high-quality digital soundtrack, beautifully 3D rendered backgrounds and absolutely rockin’ voice acting by several AGSers.
     The plot is based on a detective’s narrative. When Phil catches his train, he meets a detective who is traveling in the same compartment. And
so, the player character changes and the detective begins his story. eVOLVE doesn’t give too much away in the demo, but it is about a case shaped like a pentagon, which a client of his lost and offers $100,000 for its returning. The demo is quite short, but it is made just to tease us and get a sneak preview of what is to come.
     The graphics, as I said earlier, are quite good. The backgrounds are 3D, and the characters are 2D. The character art is the only drawback in the game. They’re not very detailed and just don’t fit
in the game’s detailed style.


The game is quite reminiscent of adventures in the mid 90s like “The Last Express” and “Broken Sword”. I am sure that those of you who enjoyed these games will also enjoy this one. It is going to take awhile to finish, so be patient. eVOLVE has to give us those tiny touches which make a good game a great one.


Leisure suit Larry 2 point and click

The only thing that bugged me about parser games was that you had to write the exact word in order to do something. For example, you couldn’t type in “go with mule” in Gold Rush, oh nooooooo you had to type “follow mule” instead. 
For all those who feel the same way, redruM is making a point and click remake of LSL2. He uses ripped original graphics and re-scripts the whole game, code line for code
line.  RedruM has made quite a nice interface, not as colourful as later LSL games, because he is not updating the graphics, and thus he is escaping from the “patch” effect. You might think it’s easy to do such a remake, but come to think of it, it is even more annoying than making an original game – there is no “creative” work such as making graphics or tunes, just open LSL 2, press ctrl+shit+s,minimize, import into AGS, script etc. For any of you who haven’t played the original, this game will seem a lot outdated. It is so, considering that it was released in 1989. The demo, which is ready for download, has brought back many pleasant memories and I am sure you will feel the same way too. So don’t waste any more time, go to and download the demo of LSL 2 point and click!

The legend of Leitor’s edge preview

The first preview in this issue goes to “The Legend of Leitor’s Edge”. It is a very promising and ambitious project by Snake Pit Entertainment, in which you will play Seth, a boy who lost his brother a year ago. He and his friends are drunk on the top of Leitor’s edge in hopes of forgetting. For Seth nothing else matters and jumps off the cliff. And that’s where the adventure begins.
The story sounds very intriguing. Snake promises a high replay value, which will be made by giving the game a “choose your own adventure book” feel. This means that at some points of the game, Seth will have to make decisions which will affect his future adventures. He also promises a magical atmosphere throughout the game, and judging by his screenshots, I think he’s going to keep his promise! The resolution will be 320*200, which certainly brings back many memories to all of us. This game will also feature timing, something that has not been used in an AGS game before. The GUI that has been developed by the game is very stylish and, I hope, the interface will be intuitive too. Last but not least Snake promises a fully digital soundtrack to make the player feel like he’s really there!
Leitor’s edge screenshot

The Legend Of Leitor’s Edge is one of the most ambitious and good-looking AGS projects so far. Let’s hope that Snake will give his best and won’t let us down.

“Al Gurbish in Nick It and Run” review

Al Gurbish is working at the secret service at the city of Thathurst. He is the run-of-the-mill “butt” employee with all the good cases going to his colleagues. This time, however, an interesting case has turned up – the most prestigious awards for adventure gaming(the stans, of course) are being held in the city of Thathurst, and there’s a conspiracy of stealing the biggest award – the Silver Stan. But the secret serive do not know who to put in jail and so, the mission of our her, Al Gurbish, begins – he must steal the Silver Stan.
Nick it and Run screenshot The graphics of NIR are quite nice, with a style that is very reminiscent of Day of the tentacle and a high 640*480 resolution, they are one of the best graphics in an AGS game ever. The animations are generally good, but sometimes lack frames, which is quite comprehensive since that is a freeware game.
The sound isn’t as good as the graphics are, but still, the midis are nice and the SFX, while too few, are quite good.
The plot is quite funny. Throughout the game you’ll meet Osama Bin Laden, a McDonald’s parody and many, many more interesting, funny and punny places and characters.
The downside of the game is the numerous bugs. The GUI is developed by Aussiesoft, but alas he didn’t have enough time to optimize it. There were many other
bugs – for example when I entered a building, I saw a man walking on the wall! Of course, a few bugs can’t scare a true adventurer like yourself, now, can they? So go and download Nick It and Run now at Aussiesoft’s website:

Overall rating: