“Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 – Scourge of the Sea People” Review

Introduction. The Ben Jordan games are arguably the most famous AGS game series. There is hype around each one, sometimes even before the actual development of the game began. Recently, Grundislav has released the sixth game of the series. Does it live up to the expectations, though?
Plot. After their last case, the paranormal investigation trio, led by Ben Jordan himself, decide to take a break and go on vacation. The chosen spot is Athens, Greece. Not before long, however, their way is diverted and they find themselves into another paranormal mystery. This time the dreaded monster are the sea people – humanoid creatures who live under the sea and drag people to the ocean at night. The story is also loosely connected to some legends from the Greek mythology, which is a nice touch. It never goes too deep in that direction though, and most of the time, it is pretty straightforward. Anyone who enjoyed the plots of the previous Ben Jordan games is very likely to enjoy this one too.
Graphics. While the game may not rival “A tale of two kingdoms” in graphical terms, the backgrounds are detailed and nicely animated, and so are the characters. There is not much else to say, really – visually, the sixth Ben Jordan game is much like the other ones.
Music and sound. A significant change has been made to the development team – Ghormak, who was well known for his work on the previous Ben Jordan games, has been replaced with Dark Stalkey. While the music of the latter is as professional and catches the mood of the game just as well, the change in style is significant. Ghormak wrote catchy music, which could be listened to and fully enjoyed even without the game itself. Dark Stalkey relies more on the blend between in-game atmosphere and soundtrack. Needless to say, the necessary sound effects are also present.
Gameplay. The puzzles you have to solve in order to progress in the game are mostly inventory-based, and none are too tricky or mind-bending. However, some of them feel like they’ve been thrown in just to prevent the player from going further too quickly. Such niceties as optional puzzles and alternate paths are also omitted, this time. Don’t get the impression that the game isn’t fun to play though – quite the contrary. It’s just that previous games have set the standard higher.
Conclusion. Grundislav plays it safe with the sixth Ben Jordan game. Fans of the series will surely not be disappointed, but it feels more like an intermezzo between the previous games and the final and most decisive two parts which are to come.


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