What will we be playing in 2005?

Another year is near its end, and questions like our heading pop up. Here are just a few of the most awaited games of 2005:

Quest for Glory II VGA – The remake of the sierra classic is certainly on top of many people’s lists, and that is certainly not a coincidence. It has been two years since the AGDs released the magnificent King’s Quest II VGA, and everything indicates that this remake will be even better. I can hardly wait to see the sauruses animated in beautiful VGA or to fight for glory once more. Moreover, you will be able to import your character from QfG I and transfer him/her to the third installment of the saga. The game, if rumours are to be believed, is quite close to beta stage, which most probably means that it will be released in the first quarter of the New Year. Keep your fingers crossed!


Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth – Although the 2005 release of this title is highly doubtful, it is certainly worth mentioning here. Don’t grab your fedora yet though.

Shadowplay – Another game that might not be released in 2005, but again, quite worthy of mentioning. All fans of the Gabriel Knight series should watch out for this one.

The Find – We previewed this game in one of the previous issues of the AGS Ezine, and it is indeed something you should be looking forward to. I will only name the creators – Herculean effort productions, creators of the two Apprentice games.

Goldlagoon – Another title we have previewed, and it will almost certainly be out in the next year. The only thing I need to know to get me excited about this title is that the music, as the whole game, actually, is made by Petteri A. Thumbs up!


King’s Quest III VGA – Infamous adventurers will surely not justify their name with that remake – it will be almost 1:1 to the original, it will have gorgeous VGA graphics and digital soundtrack. Quite a lot of the game is already finished, so I guess that it won’t be that long before we get to play this title.


Bard’s Blood – Yet another Gabriel Knight-inspired and previewed in the AGS Ezine game. Dragonrose has made some changes in style and gameplay since then, but it surely will be something every adventurer would want to play

The legend of lost lagoon – What? Another lagoon game? Why yes! And this one’ll surely take you back to the pleasant memories of classic Lucas arts titles like “Monkey Island” or “Day of the tentacle”

The Ben Jordan Games – We played them this year, and still there are 6 more to come out. While not all may come out in 2005, most of them certainly will. Thumbs up!


And those are just few of the games that will (hopefully) be out in 2005. What other goodies will it bring us? Time will only tell, and I can’t wait to find out.


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