Two of a Kind Review

Introduction. “Alea Jacta Est” – said Roger and drew Dave Gilbert, Dart, Scotch, BerserkerTails and Yoke into one team, shortly named “Epileptic Fish”. Naturally, everyone expected their game to be great, and not surprisingly, it is.

Plot. In a town where everyone has their special congenital ability, a precious artifact has been stolen from the local museum. Twins Tim and Tiffany, working in their own detective agency, are hired to find who the thief was, and this is where the actual game begins. Overall, the plot is excellent, and gets darker the nearer to the end you are. There is also a bunch of great humour – the “Dr. Love” but, for example. But the strongest part of the plot is the characterization – Dave Gilbert has done tremendous job in this aspect once again. For example, Tiffany is a child in an adult’s body, and all her reactions about things sound so; Tim is more level-headed and realistic, and not surprisingly his comments and remarks are such, often cynical. It is actually quite fun to try the same actions with the two protagonists, since they make different comments. But not only the main characters’ personalities are deeply distinguishable – the aforementioned Dr Love, for example is quite a fellow, too. At the end of the day – great job Dave! You make the player feel like they are talking to real people.


Graphics. Many superlatives should be spoken in that direction too. The backgrounds are pretty looking and unlike those in most fan games, they are not static, pretty lively in fact. The character art is quit good too, though in my opinion not as marvelous as the background one. The animations are smooth and there is plenty of them, so you can enjoy Tim and Tiffany performing different actions not in text only. Cheers to Dart and Scotch for making the graphics seem first-rate and adding to the great atmosphere of the game!

Music. There are quite a few MIDIs in the game, and each and every one suits the situation it is composed for superbly. Moreover, some of them are truly catchy and you can’t get them out of your head for hours. Especially a song called “Itchy eyes” – it beyond doubt deserves a listen. As for sound effects, there are some thrown in, but they do not add as much to the atmosphere as the wonderful music.

Gameplay. The game uses a custom-made GUI, which is quite good, except for one small thing – every time you want to change actions, you have to move your mouse to the bottom of the screen (where the GUI is), which can get a bit annoying after some time. A cool idea of Dave’s is the addition of special abilities – Tim can float a bit off the ground while Tiffany can talk to animals. This makes the puzzles more variable and enjoyable. Speaking of puzzles, there are quite a few in this game, and most of them are the “How can I not have thought of this earlier?” type – thumbs up! I also take my hat off to Yoke for creating a bug-free game.

Conclusion. “Two of a Kind” by epileptic fish is clearly one of the highlights of the last year and will be one of the favourites for every single AGS Award – and that’s well deserved.

Overall score:



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