The Find Preview

So, what’s next from the guys at Herculean Effort? Before we get our hands on the final chapter of “Apprentice”, we will have the chance to play “The Find”, a rather unique game.


Most of the game’s plot is kept a secret, but from what we know is that it will have something to do with resurrecting and finding your own murderer, something seen in games like Shadow of Destiny and Discworld noir. We can surely expect great writing and wonderful plot twists from those guys.

As for graphics, we’ve already seen the magnificent work of these guys. However, this time they are turning the style around, to suit the darker and more serious atmosphere of the game. The game will use the 640*400 resolution and 32bit alpha-blended sprites,  something that has been implemented recently into AGS, but has not been used by many. The  backgrounds will be hand-drawn; the characters will be downgraded from cell-shaded sprites and will walk in 8 directions, something not that often seen in AGS games.            


  Another top-notch thing in this game will be the music. The creators promise hours of music, and I smirk at the thought that it will be for a darker-themed game than Apprentice, something I personally like more. Moreover, there will be several songs recorded for the game, with vocals and everything. Need I mention that the music will be digital? And that there will be a full voice pack? Hope not. We can expect commercial quality soundtrack if you ask me.


The game will be also quite lengthy, featuring about 50 rooms altogether. The cutscenes will be full-screen, 3D maybe? There will also be subtitles in German and Italian for non-English speakers. To top it all, there will be day/night sequences to enhance the story. Two thumbs up for this one!


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