No-action Jackson Review by Ian Welch


Carl Weathers, a tough, renegade cop armed only with a cheap suit and a gallon of Baby Oil..  Oh, wait..  hang on.  While it might be an interesting idea to make a game of the film, creator Britton O’Toole has opted for a far better approach to it.

You see, thankfully, No-Action Jackson bares no similarity with it’s silver screen counterpart.  For a start, it has a plot.

You play Jackson, a dorky kid with a penchant for questy-type board games.  Slackmaster, some bonkers D&D style game takes up much  of Jackson‘s life, and herein lies the plot.  Jackson has a game set up for today, only fate has decided to put a stop to his plans.  His grandparents have turned up, and his best friends have made other plans.  Jackson has to escape from his house, round up his friends and play Slackmaster, in the hopes of gaining some major experience points.

Let’s take a look at the games finer points, starting with the graphics.  They look to be influenced by Day of the Tentacle, which is never a bad thing, and these are some of the best graphics on an AGS game I’ve seen.  Sure they’re only 320×200, but they’re well drawn and they all seem to mesh together perfectly.  However, the backgrounds seem very stylised and some extra detail wouldn’t go amiss.

Sound-wise, this game’s a little on the odd side.  The effects are pretty clear, and fit well in the general scheme of things.  As for the music, it’s a different story.  Sure, they have the same kooky, off-kilter feel as the rest of the game, the problem lies in the fact that they are repetitive.  They seem to be a short piece, on an infinite loop.  If you idle on the map screen for a while, you’ll realise it.  The loops are good, don’t get me wrong, but it’d be nice if a middle eight was thrown in to prevent it becoming annoying.


Right, on to the most important part the game play.  The puzzles are a well thought out, with no abstract logic or pixel hunting.  It’ll take a while to think of what to do, but when you finally figure it out it will make sense.  The thing that really lets this game down, is it’s bugginess.  Whilst penning this review it crashed several times.  Usually, I’d put this down to my computer being nothing more than a technologically advanced door stop, but many people have reported having the same difficulties on the AGS Forums, so it’s definitely an issue the creator needs to address.

Overall, I’d recommend this game to all that haven’t played it.  It’s clever and it’s easy on the eye.  It’s like the teacher you had a crush on as a child.  However, the game’s script needs an over haul before it can receive the much-coveted, “Iqu’s Seal of Approval”.



No-action Jackson

Creator: Cerebrit

Download from here

AGS Ezine Score:



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