Mittens 2004 log by JetXL



7:15 My dad brought me to the airport. After we looked at the
airplanes for a while, I decided to check in.
10:00 I forgot to put off my belt at the security port so I got the full grab-my-crotch, stroke-my-chest and check-out-the-colour-of-my-underwear frisk search.
10:20 Boarding
was supposed to start now, but the airplane wasn’t here yet. It was delayed so they prepared another.
11:10 Finally they began with boarding, the plane was supposed to take off at 11:20. First time I didn’t had a window seat in an airplane. Instead I sat between a fat guy and a drunk.
11:45 Take off. The drunk guy got on my nerves. Making loud sounds like; “iaiaia”, “hugm”, “pfua”. I have no idea how he got through security.
12:40 The plane just landed in Paris and taxiing to the terminal when the drunk was rolling a cigarette. I commented that the this was a non-smoking area. “Am I smoking now?!” said the drunk. I said that the airport was a non-smoking area as well. “Am I smoking now?!” he continued. Going into a discussion with a drunk can only lead into a fight so I decided to let it slide. After all, I ha
d a plane to catch. He left the plane very fast. I know for sure that he forgot his bag in the luggage compartment. Karma.
13:00 I finally walked out the airplane and I only had 15 minutes to make it to gate C 89 where my connected flight to New York was. Airport Charles de Gaulle SUCKS. It’s like a rat maze. You are forced to take a shuttle bus to go another terminal. Luckily the gate numbers started backwards. It turned out that my flight had a delay. I wouldn’t have made it if it hadn’t
had. In the gate way I had to be frisk searched again. This time not so intense but I did have to take off my shoes. This time I did have a window seat, but I had to sit next to a 4 year old for 8 hours. That kid was all right, he was pretty quiet for a 4 year old. The food was bad, the movies were bad, but the music was great. Jazz, Cuban and lounge. The kind of music that you can listen for hours when sitting down. None of that country crap. After two hours in flight the mother pushed the kid’s seat a bit back and the guy sitting behind it just freaked. Man: “This is as far as the seat goes!”. Mother: “Look, I’m no
t touching the seat”

Man: “This is as far as the fucking seat goes!”

Mother: “Don’t get violent near a 4 year old child!”

Man: “You’re using him as a shield, what bullshit!”

What’s wrong with this guy. For real, he’s getting all worked up because a little kid pushes a seat to the back. 😡
3:00 (note. flying back trough 6 time zones) New York was cloudy. Standing in line for the U.S. customs took a long time (45 min!). And the customs officer was really nice (not).
4:00 By following Dave Gilbert’s instructions I made it to the AVIS rental car centre “lounge”. I didn’t saw any other mittens folk
s and I was supposed to be late. I thought I recognised Dave but I didn’t know for sure. So I sat next to him, flashed my blue cup on my bag and waited him to make the first move because that’s the kind of guy I am.
Dave spotted my blue cup and first contact was made. We started to chat about AGS games we made, politics and mittens history. And I started to write this log. Some time passed when Dave’s cell phone rang.

AGA on the phone: “THE BRITS HAVE ARRIVED!”.

Dave: “That’s great, who are you?”.
6:30 After solving the monorail puzzle the Brits and Andail made it into the AVIS lounge. We talked about AGS games, politics and mittens history again while waiting for grundislav.

9:00 Grundislav arrives at JFK but getting to the AVIS lounge seemed to be an impossible task for him. After waiting an hour, calling his dead cell phone and sending several mitteneers to look for him, we were at last united and ready to go. The van had seven seats. We were with 8 people plus luggage…Cosy.
10:00 Getting out of New York and even getting out of JFK was a hard task. Letting Andail ask for direction turned out to be a good idea. Really! Driving trough New York City on Liberty Way while listening to GTA music…Surreal indeed. But then we
got into a terrible traffic jam. The highway was out for repair or something. Sadly, the van didn’t had a flux compassator.
1:00 Out of the city, we went to a Burger King for some food. On the road again, we played catalogue (the people that were awake at least). The directions that Eric’s father gave to Dave was a handy walktrough.
4:00 We arrived at the cottage, thanks to the road flare. MillsJRoss, Eric (MrCollosal), and Jess(Eric’s girlfriend) we waiting for us. We did a fast introduction, made some photos, Ericexplained the toilet rules, we walked to the lake to se the sun rise and then went to bed. There were 6 beds so some of us had to share mattresses or sleep on the ground.
The cottage is spac
y. There is all this stuff on the wall. It’s like the cottage has an interdimensional link with E-bay.

12:00 I Woke up by the telephone sound. It turned out that netmonkey missed his flight (because he thought he was already here???). He would take another flight on Monday.
1:30 Everybody is awake and drinking black coffee (because there is no milk).
3:00 We went to the town store to get food for the coming week. Grundy got his Captain Crunshy. We also tanked gas, compared the low gas prices and m0ds bought sunglasses.
When we got back we went swimming in the lake (it’s a water reservoir for a lake). Mills and me wanted to swim to the mysterious Diarrhoea Island(tm) but Eric advised us not to. Since he’s a moderator we listened to him (for now). We build a sandcastle…and destroyed it. We talked on the beach and gave some ducks a had time. Afterwards we played some Frisbee.
9:00 We ate some kind of spaghetti. And the we talked about our upcoming games we’re working on. We couldn’t show any material because we didn’t have a computer. I went to bed at 1:00. I was tired of all the swimming. I hadn’t swam that intensively since last mittens Olympics. I don’t know how late the others went to bed but I can guess it had to be very late.

8:40 I got up and took a shower. I also started to make questions for the mittens quiz. Usually m0ds does it, but I didn’t think it was fair that m0ds couldn’t play. I also brought some prizes from home.
11:00 Most people were awakening by now so we had breakfast and talked about adventure games some more. This is mittens after all.
2:00 We played Frisbee, darts, bow and arrow, badminton and volleyball. After that some of us went swimming. The rest stayed on the beach building a campfire for tonight.
7:00 We sat at the camp fire talking about our favourite 3 AGS games. Back in the cottage the toilet got clogged. And while the rest were all enjoying the campfire heat, we let poor Jess look for fire wood all by herself.
12:00 The fire died out. We went back to the cottage and watched Aqua teen hunger force on cartoon network. It’s about a hamburger, a milkshake and French fries.

9:00 Eric’s dad fixed the toilet. Yay! I went to bed again.
1:00 We went to the local store again for more food. Dark Stalkey got his donut fix. And don’t forget the visit to Meatland. When we got back it started to rain. We stayed inside the cottage and played board games. Mills, Andail, Stalkey, AGA Dave and me played Risk. After 2 hours we declared ourselves as winner and went outside to play dodge ball. We were a bit sweaty after dodge ball mittens rules. Mills, AGA, Erik, Jess and me went swimming while the rest watched some more aqua teen hunger force.
10:00 Netmonkey arrived. He brought a laptop with him! Jess made Spanish rice and Eric’s mom did the dishes while the rest of us sat on our lazy asses (shame on us). We had dinner and a round of questions like when did we play an adventure game for the first time. After that we watched our demo’s on the laptop. Grundislav did some Cristopher Walken impressions. We went to bed at 4:00.

1:00 It was raining and the grass was wet. We couldn’t go outside. We played super street puzzle Alfa instead. Jess kicked our asses. We played 7 days a sceptic that netmonkey brought with him. And we did the mittens quiz that I organised. After that grundy and m0ds canoed their way to Diarrhoea Island(tm) in the rain while the rest played more super puzzle fighter II turbo (or however that sweat game was called).
7:00 We left to a bar with pool tables nearby. But there was only one pool table and some kids were using it. Not long after, we left to Saritoga, a collage town and loads of bars. We couldn’t get into any because some of us are under 21. We could enter an Irish pub, though. By letting the people with ID buy the drinks we could cheat the system.
1:30 When we came back, scummbudy was waiting for us in his jeep. He managed to get here and didn’t wait for EA to call him for a job. Inside the cottage, we discussed Eric’s idea about using more verb words in adventure games. Like punch, smell or hide. I guess it’s a good idea, but I don’t think that all our puzzle inspiration problems are solved by this.

10:00 The septic truck came by to suck all our crap away. When it stopped raining we went swimming. Eric?s dad took the water jet ski out for a spin. And we finally explored diarrhoea Island(tm) in all it’s glory. Mills and I tried to swim to the island again but we were stopped by Eric’ dad. It’s not allowed to swim far from the coast with no boat. After exploring Dave and I canoed back. The rest returned by jetski. Then we took the group photo’s.
4:00 We went to the store for the last time. Then we thought up the games for a mittens Olympics ad played them. We played darts, archery and b.b. gunshooting. Sadly it started to rain so we went inside and played super street puzzle 2 instead. No camp fire night tonight.
8:00 Some of us started on making a mittens AGS game while the rest was battling with another clogged pipe. This time it was the sink. The we talked about Grundislav’s “final puzzle” dilemma. We went to bed at 2:00. Early for a mittens night but we were leaving the next day.

12:00 We finished the mittens Olympics. We played hammer the nail in the tree, throw the Frisbee near the telephone pole, armwrestling and ring dodge ball. MillJRoss won the Olympics. Then we went swimming for just a while. After that, Jess and Scott (Scummbuddy) went to buy bread because the ones that we bought yesterday were mouldy. We worked further on mittens quest that now has the new title “8 days a sceptre”. We took a picture of our last supper together. And had a last round question about what we liked about this last week.
7:00 We left the cottage and said goodbye to Eric, Jess, Mills and Netmonkey. We went with the van while M0ds and Scott drove behind us in the jeep. We got lost and separated coincidence we met in a gas station. After that we drove straight to NYC. After we got lost in the city a couple times we arrived in Dave’s apartment. Small but it has everything you need.
12:00 We went to a diner that was still open at midnight, then back to Dave’s apartment to sleep.

9:00 We got up at 9:00 so we could see the city. Dave showed us around like a cityguide. Adam (Dark Stalkey) and I had some trouble in the metro station with our tickets. The machine gave us tickets that were expired. Mysteries of technology. We walked over time square in a hasty pace. We checked out the virgin mega store that is 3 floors deep while some rappers gave us a freestyle rap in front. Adam and A.G.A. bought two seasons of aqua teen hunger force dvd’s but we didn’t had time to stay any longer. Then we walked over the Rockefeller centre towards the Hard Rock Cafe, where we ate some expensive burgers. Chris didn’t know who Corney Love Hole was. After we ate we went to the empire state building. We wanted to go up but the waiting time was to long (1 1/2 hour). When Chris was getting ice from a Mr. Softy, I entered a comicbook shop and bought loads of stuff that I can’t buy back home.
1:00 After this we hurried back (bought some I love NY T-shirts in the process). Along the way we came across a game shop. I and Adam bought “the longest journey” while the others waited for us for 10 minutes. We planned to go to a kareoke bar but there was no more time.
3:00 We packed our bags for the last time and headed to the airport. Andail stayed in Dave’s apartment, because his flight would leave tomorrow. Once there we said goodbye to grundislav and then to the rest of the Brits. I said goodbye to Dave and Scott who would drive back to Dave’s apartment in Scott’s jeep (the van was back at AVIS). I was almost 5 hours too early and my flight wasn’t even displayed on the tv screen yet. There wasn’t one free seat in the food court so I sat near the Air France check desk. I guess I was the first to check in because the lady at the desk was suprized. I got another window seat because I was so early.
23:05 My flight had a 10 minute delay, but now we’re taking off. I’m sitting next to a smelly Chec and there is no tv. Luckily I bought both Michael Moore’s books on the airfield’s news stand. There are no seats behind me so I can lean my chair as far back as I want.



12:00 6 hours later near Paris. I realised that I was late. My connected flight to Holland began boarding 5 minutes ago and would leave at 12:35. Airport The Goulle sucks big hairy uncleaned nuts. In fact from the air the airport looks like two giant monkey testicles. It takes half an hour to go to another terminal and not 5 minutes walking like the nice lady at the desk on JFK said. After running like a madman I found out that the plane left without me. The nice (really) French customs officers gave me directions to where I could book another flight. After standing in line a French guy tried to cut in line. But when I said “Oi, get back behind me!” he made no fuzz and did it. My next flight would go at 15:10. Now I’m sitting in the smokers area in the airport. Not because I like being surrounded by smoking French people but because it’s the only place with airco. Something you take for granted in America. I hope my luggage is all right.
15:20 The plane should have left by now but there was a delay. This time there was a cleaning problem. The only time when my flights didn’t had an delay was when I missed it.
15:40 I got a window seat again. This time first class. Well, there aren’t any leather seats, but the minute I sat down they offered me orange juice in a stylish plastic mini wine glass. Later on they gave me cake and a cracker with salmon. Yes, I was living it up. Once on Amsterdam airport and waiting very long until my luggage arrived made my way to the translation. I noticed two bums disguised as travellers (they were wearing rugsacks). They had a hook and were trying to scrape money out of the receiver coinslot from the vending machine. Apparently they had built in a secret compartment that would catch up the change money instead. So if you’re ever at Schiphol airport train station, kick against the coinslot as hard as you can.
18:30 I’m in the train on my way home. It will take a while when I reach my home town. When I got there it was already dark and I had to walk with my luggage back home for 3 km or so. Now I can finish this log.


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