Da New Guys Review

 Rarely are AGS Games which try to be funny indeed such. “Da New Guys” is one of the few which do not fall short of their goal to entertain and make people laugh.

It tells the story of three wrestlers, namely Simon, Defender and the ironically named “Brain” who are trying to get their home back. As the hilarious plot thickens, they are separated from each other on the ring, and some long forgotten past is revealed. Overall, it’s an amusing and enjoyable story which will keep you playing till the end.

A definite strong point of “Da New Guys” is the tongue-in-cheek humour. Almost every interaction leads to a witty joke, and it is interesting to hear the different comments of the different characters.

The graphics are pretty mixed – there are some great and detailed backgrounds, as well as some with plain walls only. However, even the weakest background is above the average AGS standards and it does the job. Most of them are quite detailed, too.

The character art follows this example. While the main characters are nicely drawn, detailed and animated, there are some NPCs ( a wrestler called “Stone cold”, in particular) which seem like patches. Of course, it’s a good thing that the mediocre graphics seem like patches, not the good ones. The game features more than 30 rooms and about 15 characters so it is understandable that the creator didn’t have time to  polish them all.

The game is one of the few voiced AGS games, and one of the fewer that actually do it right – each of the characters speaks in his own accent, perfectly suiting his appearance. It is also admirable that the creator voiced all characters by himself, and still, I wouldn’t have known that had it not been for the closing credits. There are also some nicely thrown in sound effects, although they don’t quite reach the standards set by the voice acting. The music tracks which the game includes are sadly not written especially for the game, but they do the job and suit the atmosphere well.

Another area where “Da New Guys” excels is the gameplay. I must say that the puzzles, even though a bit on the easy side, are perhaps the best I have seen in an AGS game – they are logical, ingenious, and most importantly, various. I take my hat off to the creator for not just throwing in some inventory based puzzles to stop the player from progressing further into the game but actually interweaving them with the story perfectly well. Another thing worth mentioning is that at after a certain point of the game, you are given control of the three main characters at once, in a style similar to, say, Day of the Tentacle or Goblins. It’s a thing not often seen in AGS games and also the way of solving the puzzles involving the three characters is unconventional – they help each other and everything you do falls in place as in a jigsaw puzzle. The game is also quite lengthy, with four chapters and an approximate playing time of 5-6 hours.

“Da New Guys” is doubtless one of the most inspired AGS games ever released and will be one of the main favourites for an AGS Award. It’s a must play for anyone who likes entertaining puzzles, awesome tongue-in-cheek plot and endless funny jokes.

Da New Guys

Creator: Ice Man

Website plus download

AGS Ezine Score:



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