Buccaneer II Preview

“What? Didn’t you already preview that one?”, you might think. Why yes, we did, but this project has been revived and has undergone quite some changes, which we thought might interest our readers.

For anyone not familiar with the plotline of “Buccaneer II”, that is a game about a retired buccaneer, now an intrepid merchant, trying to build his own life. We join him once again when there is a new rival to face in business, and this one is determined to put Richard, the protagonist, out on the street. The plot is set in Renaissance Holland, and the historical mood will be recreated appropriately.


A thing that will help recreating the atmosphere is the digital soundtrack, to be composed by yours truly, which will take its influences from the Gabriel Knight games.

But most changes made have been gameplay-wise. First of all, the game will use the “Gabriel Knight: sins of the fathers” interface (don’t be fooled by the screenshots, be them new and exclusive), and it will feature a fair amount of action sequences, swordfights, in particular. Of course, you will be able to skip them if you do not like arcade elements, but I do consider that they’ll bring a fair amount of tension in the game.


And now comes the ultimate question “When?” with its ultimate answer “When.” Seriously though, in spite of not being able to predict exactly when the game will be released, the game’s creator, Hobbes, expressed certainty that the game will be released by the end of this year, and judging by his inspiration and rate of work, I think he will keep his deadline.

A demo will not be released, but an in-game trailer will. This way it will build anxiety of the release with no spoilers of the actual game.


Buccaneer II looks better than before, and all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that we will be able to experience this game as soon as possible.


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