Brittens 2004 Report by Petteri Aartolahti

Thursday 24th of June – Day 0

I met up with Pessi a bit after 8PM at the airport of Joensuu. We had to take a flight from Joensuu to the airport of Helsinki-Vantaa, because our plan of going to Helsinki-Vantaa by a car didn’t work out… The airport of Helsinki-Vantaa was crowded when we arrived and we were a bit confused with that being our first time to travel by a plane.


            We managed to check-in our baggage. After that we ate and just wandered around the terminal until we decided it was time to get some sleep. We found a peaceful looking place where to sleep, but when we actually tried to sleep, people started walking by while pushing those noisy baggage trolleys. Hmph!


Friday 25th of June – Day 1
I got up of the rather uncomfortable bench, only to realise it was still way too early. Oh well. I slept about 5 minutes during the whole night, but weird thing was that I wasn’t really tired. So, we bought some candy for breakfast and slowly started to get to the gates. Once in the plane we got proper breakfast and some lousy tv-programs. Seats weren’t really comfortable, but I fell asleep couple of times for a few minutes.
            After three hours we arrived Heathrow. Needless to say that Heathrow was much bigger than Helsinki-Vantaa. We got our baggage and bought chocolate bars to get some change for the bus. Now was time to found Heathrow central bus station, and after a while we got there, just in time. The bus driver was starting the engines right when we got in the bus. There was a Finnish woman in the same bus who was living in
Staines. Luckily she told us the right place to got off the bus in Staines. Without her, I don’t know where we would be now!
            We arrived
Staines bus station. As I stepped out of bus, I saw very familiar looking guy coming towards us. Hey, we just met custard! He told us that m0ds was going to pick us up and take us to the campsite. Well, time passed and eventually we learned that m0ds’ car was ”teh crap!”. Luckily custard’s mom was kind enough to take us to the campsite. Once at the campsite we started waiting for others and pitching custard’s extremely complicated tent. Finally m0ds arrived! m0ds had three tents with him so we started pitching them, and soon Magintz turned up. AGA came a bit later and I was disappointed when I learned that Scotch couldn’t go. m0ds, AGA and Pessi went to to buy some food and when they came back, Creed Malay was with them. After a while Chris Jones finally arrived! Everyone who hadn’t met him earlier had loooong handshake with him.
            We started barbecueing some burgers and hotdogs. We spent the rest of the night mostly by chatting. At 10PM Pessi and I went to bed, we were tired after spending the last night at the airport, and rest of the Britteneers moved into the ”General discussion” tent.


Saturday 26th of June – Day 2

Most of us woke up around 9AM. According to weather forecast it was going to be rainy on saturday and so it was. I slept well and after having showers we had some cereal for breakfast. AGA got a bit paranoid when we offered cereal to him and then took out our cameras (if you don’t know why was that, check one of m0ds’ Mittens 2003 photos…). Finally mattgoble arrived. We sat for a while in the big tent and when the weather got a bit better, we walked to Staines.
            When we got to
Staines, we bought meals from McDonald’s and sat at the towncenter of Staines while eating. Creed joined us again, he had encountered some problems earlier today when some of Britteneers were buying breakfast, so he had to spend the morning in Staines. After lunch we visited some record – and computer game stores and also went to see Shrek 2. It was a really good movie. Later on we took a bus to Laleham and got back to the campsite.
            We watched demos of upcoming AGS games, Creed and I had demos and Magintz had some screenshots. Apparently my demos ate so much batteries of custard’s laptop that we couldn’t see Creed’s demos. There was a washroom in which the batteries could have been recharged, but someone was already using the socket. Also, m0ds had a folder with him that contained all kind of information about FOY, it was interesting read.

            M0ds didn’t have a quiz with him so he started working on one. Rest of us came up with few questions. Apparently I got 10 points out of 16 and I won! I got to choose first from three prizes, so I chose Lemon Demon’s latest album, custard took Broken Sword II and Creed had Full Throttle. Rest of the night we spend by chatting. There was some youngs in the tents next to us and they were having really loud party of some sort. We could have shouted”Shut the f**k up” but… Eventually we went to sleep.


Sunday 27th of June – Day 3

Weather was really nice on sunday so it was ideal day for trip to London. I woke up at 8AM and after breakfast Chris, Magintz, Matt, Pessi and I went to London. We drove to Staines in Chris’ AGS-car-with-a-windshield-held-on-by-sticky-tape. In Staines we took a train to London.


[brittens6.jpg – Waiting for the train.]


            London was pretty much how I imagined it to be. We visited and saw many tourist traps, including, London Eye, Big Ben, National Gallery… and also went to some shops. We also travelled in the crowded tube and went arcade in which we played some games. Eventually we headed back to train station and took a train back to Staines. While in the train, it started raining.

            Back at the campsite we took some group photos and finally saw Creed’s demos. From what I saw and heard during Brittens, there are some really interesting AGS games being made. Matt, Chris and AGA had to leave. The rest of us spent the rest of the day by chatting, eating and drawing until it got late.


Monday 28th of June – Day 4

We got up around 8AM because Creed was leaving. I had some biscuits and milk for breakfast, yummy! We then started packing our stuff so that everything was ready when we had to leave. m0ds had a nap because he wasn’t used to get up so early and the rest of us played some games on custard’s laptop. When m0ds woke up, we went to the nearby field and played a bit with football and frisbee until Pessi and I had to leave. m0ds gave us lift to Staines in which we took a bus to Heathrow.



So, what to say? I really enjoyed being there. It was really nice experience and I learned a lot of British culture. Just remembering Matt’s and Chris’ attempts to say my name, chats in the General discussion tent and so on makes me want to go there again. Thanks to m0ds for organising the whole event, Magintz for letting me to stay in his tent and rest of the guys for attending. Hopefully I’ll meet all of you guys again!



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