Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Cases 1 and 2 Review

Introduction. Francisco Gonzalez, one of the people who have used AGS for a long time, has recently released two games of his “Ben Jordan” series. Both are fun to play, but let’s look why in this combined review.

            Plot. You play Ben Jordan, a young man who has just graduated, decides to become a paranormal investigator, a profession that does not apply much to the tastes of his narrow-minded parents. Each game is a separate case. I have to say, however, that the case in the second game was much more interesting and well written.


            Graphics. While not the best ever, the graphics of the two “Ben Jordan”(no I am not going to use the abbreviation) games do the job and create a pleasant impression in the player. The characters look a lot better than backgrounds, to be honest – they even have dialogue portraits. I want to point out two things that I particularly liked – the first is a character in the second game that is an obvious paint-over over Sean Connery, and the second is that the main character has 8 walkcycles – something not that often seen in AGS games.

            Music and sound. We come, in my opinion, to the best part of both games. The music is composed by Ghormak and not only is it melodious, but it is also digital, with high quality samples. So in case you are wondering, about 75% of the file you download is the compulsory digital music pack. The sound effects are good, but don’t make great impression.

            Gameplay. Here, the two “Ben Jordan” games could have been vastly improved. In the first one, the story develops to its apogee at light speed, with almost no time for the player to think about the mystery itself. In the second game, while there is a better development of the story line, the puzzles were in the way. Most of them are rather illogical and can be solved by the “trial and error” method. Good thing that there aren’t that many rooms and hotspots.


            Conclusion. The two “Ben Jordan” games are fun to play and work perfectly to kill

a few hours. Looking forward to the next cases!

Ben Jordan: Paranormal investigator

Creator: Francisco “Grundislav” Gonzalez

Download from here

AGS Ezine score:



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