Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 4 Review


Recently, the fourth installment of the growingly popular “Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator” series has been released to the public. Case number 3 was the best one thus far, so my expectations on this one were quite high. Did it continue the tradition of each case being better than the last one?

Plot-wise, most definitely. The story takes place in Berkley Square 50, London. Ben Jordan is called to solve an old mystery, along with four other paranormal investigators. And here is where the game gains its charm. The character development is considerably better than the previous three games. The investigating crew, formed in step, has its rather distinctive characters, and the relations between them are quite well-represented too. In my opinion, the story with its great character development is the strongest part of the game – it keeps you playing till the very end.

The graphics of the game are at the level of the other Ben Jordan games, i.e. not particularly beautiful, but functional. The backgrounds are more or less detailed and since there are enough of them, they’ll keep your attention. Another good thing that must be said about the graphics is the character animations. There are plenty of them, and almost every action is drawn, not described by the narrator. As in the previous games, appropriate character portraits are drawn for each character, with the suitable mood changes. A nice touch indeed.


The music of the game is a bit different from that in the previous games. In former cases Ghormak relied heavily on the catchiness of the tunes, but this time the music is not omnipresent, nor as memorable as in previous games. However, it does suit the situations in the game it is written for, and thus is more like a movie soundtrack than a game one. It’s personal which one you prefer, though I’d say ‘game’ anytime. Another nice addition to the ‘sound’ column are the superb sound effects by Dark Stalkey, suiting the dark theme of the game perfectly.

In terms of gameplay, I must say that case 4 by no means outdoes the previous ones. While in case 3 we had multi-linearity and clever puzzles, here such does not exist. It takes more trial and error than pure logic to beat the game. And at times you just have to talk with everybody in order to find out what you ought to be doing. On top of it all, there is a maze with identical screens. Let’s hope that in future, Grundislav will try harder in that aspect.

I encountered no bugs while playing this game, and I doubt you will, judging by its linear structure. The Paranormal Investigator’s handbook (the manual) is as good as ever, although that’s not really that important.

On the scales, “Ben Jordan case 4: horror at number 50”, while not better than the third one, is as good, and hence an enjoyable and recommendable experience.



Ben Jordan Case 4: Horror at number 50

Creator: Grundislav & co

Download from here

AGS Ezine score:



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