Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 3 Review

Another game I was quite looking forward to was “Ben Jordan: paranormal investigator – case 3”. And I must say, it excelled all my expectations.

The plot is quite strong – Ben is investigating a Scottish village in which rumours of witchcraft have spread. This time, it develops as the player progresses into the game, a great addition that was not present in previous installments of the series. Another outstanding idea by Francisco Gonzalez is to create two different ways to finish the game – each one worth playing, with different events, graphics and puzzles. This actually makes the game more or less non-linear, which I really fell for.


The graphics are in the same style as in the previous games, quite solid. There are even more animated character portraits and places to visit.

Music was a great part of the previous two Ben Jordan games, and this one is no exception. The digital music pack, which is included in the game download, enhances the wonderful atmosphere even more and often you will find yourselves doing nothing but just listening to the background music.

As for puzzles, they are various and fun to solve. There is one for which you will need to swap to another application, though, which can be quite distracting – in my opinion the creator should have put the book with the code not in the package as a html, but in the game as an inventory item… or something.

On the whole, the third case Ben Jordan solves is the best so far, and we are most certainly looking forward to the next ones!

Overall Score:



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