Abducted: 10 Minutes Review

This game is bade by Aussiesoft, who made the, frankly, much better game “Nick it and Run”. My expectations of this game were quite big, since the idea is quite cool – you play a police officer whose daughter is kidnapped and you only have 10 minutes(real time) to prevent the terrorists from killing her. The creator promised alternate solutions to the puzzles and so on, and I downloaded the game with great expectations.


However, they were quickly disillusioned by the first 5 minutes I spent playing the game. To begin with, the graphics are pretty simplistic. Solid fill, straight lines. There were one or two more detailed backgrounds near the end, though. The character art and animation were also pretty stiff. However, that is not what actually disappointed me. I was let down by the gameplay. Firstly, the only ‘alternate’ solution to a puzzle I found out was to hide behind another column, but that was actually a dead end, so I had to restart. Moreover, during these 10 ‘real time’ minutes, other characters do literally nothing (I was expecting a The Last Express-like character movement, at least). So, it turns out that these 10 minutes are nothing more than a simple time limit. As if that were not enough, but towards the end there was quite a bit of time-limited pixel hunting, which really frustrated me. Lastly, the music that was present was far too little to create the tension and atmosphere which should have been present.

At the end of the day, you may like “Abducted: 10 minutes” only if you really like the plot, or if you are masochistic.

Overall Score:



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