7 Days a Skeptic Review

Introduction. Not so long ago, Yahtzee released a game that won 5 AGS awards, “5 days a stranger”. Almost a year later, the sequel came out. Let’s now take an in-depth look at whether it is better than its predecessor.  

Story. Almost 100 years have passed since the events in the first game.  You are Jonathan Somerset, a psychiatrist on board of the Mephistopheles, a space station of some sort. The story begins when your crew finds a floating object, which is later taken and opened. And this is when the strange things begin to happen…

The story of “7 days a skeptic” is at least for me, inferior to the one of “5 days a stranger”, even for the very fact that if you have played the first one, you know the answer to the mystery. However, there are some interesting moments, which I wouldn’t want to spoil, but are quite scary.


Graphics. The graphics are in the same style as the one in “5 days”, just maybe a bit less detailed. The characters are quite well animated, and each one has its own distinctive look.

Music and sound. Here, as “5 days”, “7 days a skeptic” lacks a lot. While there are some tunes in the game that somewhat suit the mood, they are few and far between and ripped – something that’s a definite minus in my book. As for sound effects, they are there and enhance the atmosphere, though not as much as good music would have.

Gameplay. The game uses a pretty simple interface – right click on an object brigs down a menu with all available actions and inventory items. The puzzles fit the plot nicely, and, thankfully, are logical, even though a bit on the easy side. A good thing is that they are diverse and you won’t find yourself bored. There are some timed sequences too, so remember Al Lowe’s words: “Save early, save often”. The game itself is not very lengthy, don’t get fooled by its title – the whole game is maybe 70% of the length of “5 days a stranger” – you can finish it in about 3 hours.


Miscellaneous. The download size is extremely small, so even those who have slow internet connections can play it in no time. The first release of the game was quite buggy, but I believe that latter ones are not.

Conclusion. While not superior to its predecessor, “7 days a skeptic”  will provide several hours of fun to fans of horror and mystery. Looking forward to Yahtzee’s next releases!

7 Days a Skeptic

Creator: Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

Download from here

AGS Ezine Score:



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