The Uncertainty Machine review

This month’s first review goes to “The uncertainty machine” by ratracer. IN it you play Susan, a young and prosperous journalist on her way to sensation. The story starts off with a simple burglary, and after a slow start the plot is becoming more and more complex. It is maybe the strongest point of the game, and obviously ratracer has done much research in Physics in order to write such plot. I am no expert, but the Physics part sounded really well and got me very intrigued.

            Another good thing are the background graphics. They are a mixture of 2D and 3D; overall very stylish and professional looking.  The character art is also pretty good, but not as awesome as the background art. The thing that bugged me were the talking animations – two frames per each character. Surely Ratracer could have done better than that. On the other hand, the sound is very rough. While the music tracks are well composed and digital, they are few for this overall big game.

Another bad thing about the music is that the bit rate is too low. It is perhaps 64Kbps or even lower. The music sounds like it is played by an old radio in a field 100km away from a city. The sound effects could also have been better. While realistic and many, some of them that are looping, are not actually “loopable”. This makes a very unpleasant stop every four or five seconds (like in artists’ garden, for instance).

            Another unpleasant thing for the player are the many and various bugs. The walk-behinds are very badly drawn, and I even sometimes found myself walking on them! Probably the worst bug in the game was when I was supposed to hide from a man in whose house I have broken into. He entered the room while I was walking across it and didn’t saw me. I actually thought that this was a cut scene, until I realized that the cursor wasn’t in “wait” mode. The rather bad scripting throughout the whole game ruined the impression of a professionally made game.

Uncertainty machine

A well-made thing were the puzzles. They are rather original and various. The only not-so-good thing I can think of is that you do not do enough research with the laptop.

            But if you think that “The Uncertainty Machine” is a bad experience to play, you are very wrong. It is one of the AGS games with best graphics and best plots out there. I finished the game for approximately four hours, which puts the game into the “medium-length games” category, but if you have time and want to play one of the few adventure games with plot based on Physics; give “The Uncertainty Machine” a shot.

 Overall rating:



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