The Cloak Preview

The Greek AGS Community (GAC) has made many great games. One of their next releases is “The cloak”, a fantasy adventure with an old wizard as the main character. And since not much more is known for that project, I leave you with the pleasure of reading the interview with GAC (who are laconic as…as… Greeks)  and looking at the brilliant screenshots.


Ez: Thank you for accepting the invitation. Please, tell us a bit more about yourselves – what you like, what you do for a living etc.

Danny: Hello. Thank you for your invitation! I ‘m a 3d artist but I work as a video editor in a Greek TV channel.

Spyros: I like women, football and music. I am a PC technician/Web designer/programmer

Ez: Which adventure games are your favorite (both commercial and freeware)?

Danny: I loved Grim Fandango, all 3 Indiana Jones, Loom …there are too many to say,…but mostly Lucas old games!!

Spyros: Monkey Island 1-3, Indy

Ez: Why do you think they do not sell as well as FPS or RTS?

Danny: I haven’t thought about it…but i think that the players want more action (and less thinking!)

Spyros: Because they require thinking


Ez: Do you think they may come back to the main scene?

Danny: Maybe…but in a different form….

Spyros: Bah, No

Ez: What do you think of the idea of an AGS game being sold as a commercial title (not like “fatman adventures”, but like “runaway”, MI4…)? Is it possible?

Danny: Yes, why not! If a game made with AGS is good enough….

Spyros: Yes

Ez: How was GAC formed and who formed it?

Spyros: It was formed by me, the butcher and Helm. Then Danny joined.

Ez: What does it take from a Greek to be a GAC member?

Spyros: You must pass the 100 trials or have a beautiful sister.

How long does it take you to make a game like Norman Cooks or SOL and how many hours do you work per week?

Danny: Norman Cooks took about 3 months, 6-10 hours per day.

Spyros: 3-4 months if working 2-3 hours a day


Ez: What is your motivation in making an adventure game?

Danny: I always wanted to be able to make an adventure game ever since I played my very first one (Indy and the last crusade, in 1987 on an ATARI ST1040.)

Now that I’m able to do so, well, for fun!

Spyros: Having fun

Ez: How do you feel about Hugo’s author closing your remake?

Spyros: I don’t blame him mine version was better :p

Ez: What is “Inferno: the tale of a rotten bustard’s status and when can we expect a final release?

Spyros: The status is “Looking for butcher”. Don’t expect it in the next few light years


Ez: How far is “The cloak” from a demo/final release?

Danny: The demo should have been ready by now, but I had(and still have) some problems with software that I’m using…..:(

I hope that I will fix it soon!!!!

Ez: What will the plot be like?

Danny: you will find out as soon as the demo will be out.

Ez: Will it feature a speech and/or a music pack?

Danny: Music packs yes! (I think!)As for speech …probably not!

Spyros: A music pack only I think.

Ez: Will you produce a speech/music pack for your older games?

Danny: No! (Sorry)

Spyros: I have made a music pack for Book of Spells. I will release it along with the BOS complete game (the four parts merged). Now it’s in the state of beta testing.


Ez: How the hell do you make those brilliant graphics?

Danny: My graphics are good, not brilliant! I’m far from brilliant. Igor’s are brilliant.

To answer your question, I’d say that it’s all about patience, hard work, and a tiny bit of talent (optional!!!) 🙂

Ez: Will there be something special about The Cloak’s interface?

Danny: no 🙂

Spyros: No

When will it be released and how long will its playing time be?

Danny: It’s too early to talk about release yet….but i hope somewhere in 2004.It will be a medium to long game.

What are GAC’s plans for the future?

Danny: see below…

Spyros: To finish our current projects 🙂

Will there be new members of GAC in the near future?

Spyros: If someone has a beautiful sister let me know

Danny: I hope so…

Thanks for your time.

Danny: Thank you…

Spyros: Thanks too.


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