The Case preview

As for the second preview in this issue, it certainly goes to “The Case”. It is going to be a detective mystery created by eVOLVE. When I first saw the demo I thought “Wow! This is a very professional game!”, and I wasn’t wrong either. It featured a high-quality digital soundtrack, beautifully 3D rendered backgrounds and absolutely rockin’ voice acting by several AGSers.
     The plot is based on a detective’s narrative. When Phil catches his train, he meets a detective who is traveling in the same compartment. And
so, the player character changes and the detective begins his story. eVOLVE doesn’t give too much away in the demo, but it is about a case shaped like a pentagon, which a client of his lost and offers $100,000 for its returning. The demo is quite short, but it is made just to tease us and get a sneak preview of what is to come.
     The graphics, as I said earlier, are quite good. The backgrounds are 3D, and the characters are 2D. The character art is the only drawback in the game. They’re not very detailed and just don’t fit
in the game’s detailed style.


The game is quite reminiscent of adventures in the mid 90s like “The Last Express” and “Broken Sword”. I am sure that those of you who enjoyed these games will also enjoy this one. It is going to take awhile to finish, so be patient. eVOLVE has to give us those tiny touches which make a good game a great one.


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