Space Quest ]I[ VGA preview

Did you like the Space Quest games almost a decade ago? The idea of a sci-fi parody with an intergalactic janitor was just so sweet! My favorite one was SQ3, because of the innovative plot (not that the other games didn’t have one, but this was just a class above them in my opinion) and the wonderfully designed puzzles. For those, who have not played the game, I will try and briefly retell the story: Roger Wilco, after escaping Vohaul, is sleeping in the escape pod, but not for long. Soon it is accidentally swollen by a trash-collecting ship. After escaping it(which will take some time even for the most experienced adventurers) Roger goes to our all-time favorite Monolith Burger, a McDonald’s/Burger King spin-off. There he plays Astro Chicken, another really symbolic part in the history of adventure games. After winning it, he gets a message, which reads that his (and ours) favorite game-designers (the two guys from Andromeda, who are making a cameo in this game) are kidnapped by the evil ScumSoft (Gee, I wonder which company they are making fun of…). And so, our so-called hero has to save them. But enough for the original game.


The remake will feature 320*200 VGA graphics, like the later Space Quest games. It will also feature digital music pack, and a star wars reference. Judging from the sneak peek demo, which is available here, the remake will be at the level of Tierra’s remakes and later Space Quest. Lets wish luck to Khaveen and hope that his remake will bring back the wonderful memories of the outstanding game, named Space Quest ]I[: Pirates of Pestulon.


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