Revenants preview

One of the most eagerly awaited amateur adventure games is most certainly Gaspop’s Revenants. It is described as a survival horror game, but judging from what I have seen, it is a lot more than that, but let’s leave the genre definition for later. Lets start with the

Plot. Peter Stunch is an ordinary man.  One day he receives a letter from his grandmother asking him to go and see her because she is not feeling well. But when he gets there he senses that there is something fishy – there is no-one on the streets, and his grandma is nowhere in the house. Your objective (at least in the demo) is to find her. A nice plot for a horror game


Graphics. Well, I can’t say that they are the best I’ve seen, but they are quite nice and fit the game’s atmosphere perfectly. They are drawn in P: DA style, but it is obvious that Chrille has become a lot better in low-res art since then.

Music and sound. The music is one of the best I’ve heard in an amateur adventure game. It is digital and keeps you excited throughout the game (demo). The sound effects are also very good. They are realistic and I think I like the footsteps the most – depending on what you step, the sound is different. As a conclusion, Ill say that the sound and music of revenants are vital for the atmosphere.


Interface. This is maybe the most innovative part of the game. Because darkness is all around you, you’ll have to find your way through with light sources like a flashlight, lantern etc. The only drawback in the demo I saw was that these light sources make the area more yellowy than light. Anyway, in the game there are also combats. There are two types of them: melee ones and firearm ones. The melee combats are similar to QFG 1 VGA, except for that you choose your weapon, and there are really many weapons to choose from – from a rake to a kitchen knife. Firearm combats are easier, you just raise your gun and shoot. There are also two types of movement: walking and running. Running, of course, is faster, but it takes stamina. Another innovative thing is the system to view through notes, papers etc. When you press F1, you view all your papers, and you can compare handwritings, read through them etc. Judging from the exclusive screenshots seen in this ezine, the dialog system will be similar to “The dig” one. Another thing which can be seen only in this ezine, are the dream sequences. They are some kind of controllable dreams, in which you focus on things.

Atmosphere. Unique.  One of the very few horror games that “got” me (the others were Gabriel knights). All these things I tried to describe above mix up something really special that has to be experienced.


Overall. Revenants is going to be the next big AGS game (considering that it will most probably be released before FoY and QfG2VGA). Right now, there is a demo version available at, which I strongly recommend. While waiting for it to be released, read the interview with Chrille Blomqvist, the creator of revenants.


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