Project Katrina Preview

Project Katrina is a new fan-game in production based on the character from “Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness”. Unlike all the other fan-games, PK will not feature the Hero as the main character, but Katrina instead. For all who have not played Quest for Glory IV, I will say that Katrina is a gorgeous mysterious character, who turns out to be a vampire near the end. Without a doubt a very exquisite choice for a main character.


What stunned me about this project though are the unbelievable graphics. The look exactly like sierra’s early 90’s ones, but just in higher resolution. The only flaw I noticed is that their version of Katrina does not look much like a mysterious vampire, but that could be ignored for now – who knows what kind of a plot will the team think of?
            Music sounds as if it was made for Quest for Glory IV. It sounds very pleasant; it will surely not bother the player, but will enhance the atmosphere.


Now comes the ultimate question: “When will it be ready?” Unfortunately, it gets the ultimate answer “When it’s done.” But be sure to look for this game in case it gets done!


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