Pirate Fry II: The Hand of Anturus Review

Introducion. “Pirate fry” was one of the very first AGS games released. A month or so ago, its sequel and prequel to “Pirate Fry III” was released. Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of this game.


            Plot. After getting his pirate permission, Fry feels something is fishy – his new boss killed the old one and sent him on a mission to acquire the “Hand of Anturus”. On the whole, the plot isn’t anything that good but it is enough to keep you playing till the very end.

            Graphics. Visually, this game is good, although not excellent. While Squinky’s style may be a bit too sharp for some (including me), it sure is cartoony and sets the game mood well enough. The animations, on the contrary are few and far between. The two walking views don’t contribute to the swashbuckling mood too. At the end of the day, the graphics of “Pirate fry 2” provide the needed atmosphere with simple enough means.

            Sound. Sonically, this game is better than most freeware ones out there. It includes a MIDI soundtrack composed and arranged by Trapezoid, one of the people that know what are they doing and how they want to do it. The tracks are while few, catchy and funky. As for sound effects though, I cant say such good words – they are far too few. To sum it up, the lack of sound effects isn’t felt thanks to the cool music.


            Gameplay. This is maybe the most controversial part of “Pirate fry 2” is its gameplay. The GUI is similar to the sierra one, but it is rather inconvenient, for whenever you need to open the inventory window you should open the save/load menu first. The puzzles are almost all logical, but some of them are unneededly violent. Last but not least is the humor – maybe the best part of the whole game – it drives the swashbuckling mood to the maximum.

            Conclusion. “Pirate Fry II: The hand of Anturus” is an enjoyable title. While not the best game ever released, it does have something to show. If you have the time and love pirates, give it a try.

Pirate Fry 2: the Hand of Anturus

Creator: Squinky

Download from here

AGS Ezine score:



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