Neverquest Preview

Another rather overlooked but promising upcoming game is “Neverquest” by Jeroen Dekker.



It is going to be a funny spoof of classic fantasy RPGs. You play Nob, a young man who has just learnt about his origin from his ex-master magician. And of course, he goes searching for gold. What? It sounds cliché? Yes it does, but it is really funny. In the demo which the AGS Ezine got its hands on, there were numerous jokes making fun of adventures, RPGs and fantasy in general. Definitely one of the funniest AGS games I’ve played.

The graphics are done in a nice low resolution, in a cartoony style quite reminiscent of early Lucasarts games, and for speech it uses sierra-like talking windows. Although the graphics aren’t the next best thing, they do fit the game quite nicely, and most importantly, there are numerous animations, which make the world of the game more immersive.


“Neverquest” will use a MIDI soundtrack, and judging from the tunes in the small demo Jeroen has made the style of the music will be in the style of the first Quest for Glory game. There are also many sound effects in the demo, which also makes the atmosphere better.

As for gameplay, “Neverquest” will use a rather standard point and click interface, quite like Lucasarts games. And while there was no combat in the small demo, the creator said that we may expect such in the full game. On the scales, the puzzles were logical, and the interface was intuitive.

On the whole, “Neverquest” will be one of the funniest and most entertaining games when released. And speaking of release dates, it will be finished somewhere in late 2004. Another promising game to the growing list added here!


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