Mourir en mer Review

Introduction. One of the good, but underrated AGS games released in 2003 is “Mourir en mer’. As the title says, the game is French, and has recently been translated. Let’s now look through the pros and cons of this game.

Plot. Unlike most AGS games who pretend to have funny plots(but do not), “Mourir en mer” has a rather bold and tragic one. You play a sick and insane boy who is dying, due to his vile father’s behaviour. His last wish is to see the sea, which he has heard of from “Moby Dick”. Your goal is to fulfill this wild and last dream.


The good. The graphics are nicely drawn; the style fits the mood of the game well. The animations are also smooth and the character art is wonderful. Throughout cutscenes, there are many close-ups which add to the cinematic feeling of the game. “Mourir en mer” also ran slickly without any bugs, which is very important to me. The interface worked quite well, despite the fact that it is an almost exact copy of the sierra GUI. One thing that struck me was a superb blur effect depending on the character’s position, much like in a movie. As much as I’d like to continue with such compliments to the game, I’d have to go on with

The Bad. First and most important of all, the game was originally released in French. So far so good, but the translation, to put it in one word, is awful. The dialogues can hardly be believed, and some lines said by the protagonist suit Macaulay Culkin in “Home alone” more than an insane and dying boy. Another weak point in this game are the puzzles. At the beginning there is a difficult timed sequence, which requires MacGyver style thinking and good timing – something that does not suit the mood of the game at all. Later on, there also are puzzles that could not be solved by an insane youth, which include distracting – while the protagonist in real world would rather grab the cell phone and run, he has to distract its owner. The puzzle design would sure fit any less serious game, but it does not fit a game with such plot. Another poor thing is the lack of music and sound – not a single tune or a sound effect. A definite minus – appropriate music could enhance the feeling of this game.

Conclusion. While not the best game ever made, “Mourir en mer” is an enjoyable game which sometimes does not reach its goals, but is nonetheless fun to play.

Mourir en mer

Creator: Dorcan

Download from: Dorcan’s website

AGS Ezine score:



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