Mittens 2003 coverage

Mittens is the annual gathering of AGSers, this year held in Sweden. In this issue, Farlander writes a report about his experience and thoughts about it. Photos appear in courtesy of Chrille Blomqvist.

Day 0

My flight is delayed… I meet M0ds at 19:30 P.M. He receives me with a bluecup (Did you send yourself by mail?!? – Vel). We have nothing to do; our plane is leaving tomorrow morning… We play NASCAR and a not-very-original shooting game at the Arcade. The result of our face to face in the driving game is 1-1. We’re f*cked in the shooting game.

(P.S. the character of M0ds at the shooting game was a girl… He seems to enjoy it, uhmmm…)

We find a book called porno (It’s quite popular, by Irvin Welsh – Vel).


Day 1


We wake up. Stanstead airport’s floor has been our beds. Mitteneers start to appear at the Ryan Air checking-in queue. The first is Dark Stalkey (Adam). I meet Chris Jones. We have a veeeeery long shake hand… It was funny. The group is formed by: M0ds, Chris Jones, Custard, Magintz, Dark Stalkey, Scotch and me.

Chris (trying to be polite) talks to me at the boarding room. I am not used to his English accent. I am also tired because of the deficient sleeping and I don’t understand him. I think he thinks I’m stupid now L(I wonder why…)


The landing in Gothenburg is not the best I’ve seen. I kiss the ground as soon as I reach it. Chris laughs; I think he respects me nowJ. The airport is very small.

We join 2ma2 at Gotteburg Bus Station. Jetxl comes also.

M0ds show! He tries to find a toilet. He buys an inflatable hammer to gets some change for the toilet (You must pay two Swedish crowns for making pee: P). But he has problems with the doors and they get closed… with M0ds outside.

We meet Helm, Gouldmund and Andail at the cottage. We are shy… but after introducing ourselves all seems to flow better… The previews of the projects are promising. I’m sure tomorrow is going to be a great day.


Day 2

The Mittens Olympic Games! The results are not important, but they are working great for “breaking the ice”. We feel very comfortable now with the others. The games include some trials like: Nailing, badminton, ring throwing, darts… and a 4 kilometres run, wow!

The best of the day is coming… We light on a fire and we sing songs with the accompaniment of a group of splendid guitar players (Helm, Andail, Vargtass, and 2ma2…) Oh… yes! Vargtass joined us (We were happy when Vargtass was walking to us because we thought he was a girl, but we were disappointed when we saw that Captain Custer´s beard).


Day 3:


The Olympics go on. 2ma2 is a very good athlete. He beats me in both of the running events… If I arrange a mittens gathering I’ll try to include trials with bikes. I behave as a little girl and I don’t start the swimming competition (The water was too cold for the Spanish standards), Jetxl wins.


Quote of the day: (Dark Stalkey and Golmund are having an incredibly long struggle in the arm wrestling event… Helm tries to encourage Goldmund…)

Helm – “Come on, use your third eye!!!”

Farlander – “The asshole???”

Helm – (laughing) “Thank you for giving a new point of view of all my beliefs!”

We fire a flaming arrow by the sunset… man, what a view.



Day 4:

We spent most of the day in Gottemburg. The britts go to a theme park, while 2ma2, Chrille, Custard and Helm remain at the cottage (Doing nasty things? Uhmmm…).

I go with Andail and Goldmund to meet a few Swedish friends. I meet Amanda, Andail´s sister (wrong step, Andail…). He introduces her to two mitteneers with girlfriends, coincidence? Uhmmm…

We visit the Gottemburg natural and science museum. I see crocodiles, and sharks, and snakes…

At the evening we play a wonderful quiz made by M0ds… I only answer 4 questions correctly (of 23). As a reward, I earn 400 $ in spends for Mittens 2004, wow! Thank you screen 7!


Day 5:


Brits, Jetxl, Chrille and 2ma2 are leaving L… Last group photos… I feel strange; some of the guys are now like my brothers (in arms…)… It seems that I’ve shared my life with them for years, not just days. Now remain Andail, Helm, Vargtass and me.

We row in Andail´s boat to a nearby island. We get the highest point, but the descent is difficult, especially with those guys without shoes, Andail, Helm and Goldmund. The pity is that we didn’t spot naked girls lying in the beaches during the trip.

At night we have a nice music jam with Andail and Vargtass, another unforgettable moment. We have a final discussion about old videogames with Helm, who is scary in photos and #Mirc, but he is really a very polite and intelligent guy, I really like him.

Day 6: We wake up very early because my flight is at 10:00 am. Goldmund is not happy for waking up so early, but I claim that’s my vengeance because he and Helm talked to a very nasty hour yesterday, without allowing me to sleep, he he.


Now I’m alone at the Bus station, sad… I really hope to see that guys again

Nacho “Farlander” Ayala

Note: I’ve tried to keep the original spelling and grammar by the author just for fun. No offence, Farl.


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