JP and Cosmo: A Friend Indeed Review


            Introduction. “JP and Cosmo: A Friend Indeed” is the first game by Darth Mandarb, and the first AGS games using an isometric perspective. Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of this unique title.

            Plot. The end of the world is near. JP has very little time to go to the bombing shelter of his friend Cosmo in an effort to save his life. But things aren’t as simple as JP has thought… Oh the whole, the plot is rather clichéd, although it keeps you playing till the end.


            Graphics. As I aforementioned, the perspective of “JP and Cosmo” is isometric. The backgrounds are immensely detailed; the style reminds one of console RPGs. There is also a fair amount of animation throughout the game so you’ll surely have something to look at. Put simply, the graphics of “JP and Cosmo” are of professional quality and look stunning.

            Sound. On the contrary, the music and sound disappoint. The only music throughout the game is a midi version of a popular 80s song by Phil Collins, and the sound effects are few and far between. It is a pity, for the audio may have contributed to make a very fine atmosphere.

            Gameplay. The gameplay of this game is controversial. The good parts are logical puzzles, which also have alternate solutions and a really classy feature – the walls of the rooms become transparent when the protagonist is in them. On the other hand, the gameplay is really short – just about 10-15 minutes. The interface isn’t that good either, and the level of interaction with the greatly detailed environment is minimal. On the scales, much more could have been done in the gameplay department.



            Conclusion. “JP and Cosmo: A friend indeed” is a game worth playing. It is innovative, and it looks sweet. Don’t let its few flaws take away the fun it brings.



JP and Cosmo: A friend indeed

Created by: Darth Mandarb

Download from here

AGS Ezine score:



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