Interview with Petteri, creator of Goldlagoon

The AGS Ezine now interviews Petteri to get a more detailed info about Gold lagoon and to ask him about his opinion on common topics such as adventure games in general.


Ezine: First, will you tell us a bit more about yourself – what you like, what you do for a living etc.

Petteri: Well, I like music, drawing, movies… also skateboarding is one hobby of mine. At the moment I’m in school.

Ez: Which adventure games are your favorite (both commercial and freeware)?

P: I like first Gabriel Knight, King’s Quest 5 & 6 (probably because KQ5 was on of the first adventure games I played), Day of the tentacle (also one of the first adventure game I played), Monkey Islands 1-3, Pleurghburg: Dark Ages, Broken Sword 1 & 2… I also like what Tierra has done with KQ remakes.


Ez: You said you liked what Tierra did with their remakes… Do you have plans of remaking a game in the future?

P: I don’t think so… because it would need lots of planning what do with plot and puzzles, I’m not sure what game would need to be remade (well Indiana Jones and Last Crusade would be one) and I prefer original plot when I start making something.

Ez: what were your projects before Gold lagoon?

P: I didn’t really have any projects… about 6 months before I started working with Gold lagoon; I tried to make a couple of small games. I have them on my hard drive and they look pretty bad. I almost forgot AGS until I found out about windows version of the engine. Then I started to work with Gold lagoon and it wasn’t going to be very big game at first. Then it got bigger and bigger and I thought I’m going to make some smaller games before it.


Ez: What will the story of Gold lagoon be like in as much details as possible without the plot being spoiled?

P: Mike Night is young private investigator in need of job. Then he receives his first bigger case. He should find one lost cargo ship. He starts his job on an island where the ship was last seen. But as he does more investigating, he encounters murders and lost peoples…

Ez: What will its characteristics be (resolution, hours of gameplay etc)?

P: Game will have 320×240 graphics with 16bit colours. Digital soundtrack and sound effects. I’m not sure about the length of the game, because it still needs some planning and I have some ideas I would like to use somewhere in game.



Ez: Currently, who is on the team?

P: Me, I most of the work like music, graphics, scripting, story etc. Andrew Edmark (LGM) has done a couple of music tracks and so have my friend. Mikko Paajanen (Mikko) is helping me with animations and Marcus Krupa (loominous) with close-ups.

Ez: Speaking of close-ups, what will the speech style be – sierra or Lucas arts?

P: Lucas Arts. Close-ups are used in some cutscenes, pretty much in same way as in P: DA.

Ez: What will the interface be?

P: Single left-click will make Mike to walk on screen, double left-click will Mike to interact with objects and talk to people. Right-click will make Mike to examine objects. And inventory works in same way as in my MAGS game The Faketrix.


Ez: Will there be a music and/or speech pack?

P: Digital soundtrack is in production as I mentioned earlier. As for the speech pack, I thought about it, but maybe after the game is finished. It would need lots of work to do speech for realistic game like Chrille said in the last issue.

Ez: What is the release date you are going for?

P: I’m not sure yet… I’m pretty sure that you get the demo before the end of the year, but whole game will be probably released somewhere in 2004.


Ez: What will your future projects be?

P: I’m planning to finish my small game A Winter Night. I have some pretty good ideas, but more planning after finishing Gold lagoon. Oh, and team challenge, that must be finish too.

Ez: Speaking of team challenge, what do you think is the reason for its failure?

P: I think teams tried to make too big game. Also lack of time and challengers’ own projects won’t probably give enough time for working with it. After the deadline was reached, every team just had to finish their games, but so far no games are finished.

Ez: Do you think adventure games will come back to the main gaming scene?

P: I surely hope that they would. There should be more developers to make adventure games, because Monkey Island 4 and The Longest Journey for example have sold pretty well I think. I hope Broken Sword 3 and Sam ‘n’ Max 2 would inspire developers to make more adventure games.

Ez: Did you get Runaway yet?

P: No, but I would like to try it. Actually I saw a copy of it in the local store…

Ez: Do you think that some of the AGS adventures can be sold?

P: Sure. Making a game that can be sold surely needs hard work, but it’s possible.

Ez: What is your motivation in making a game?

P: It’s like a hobby. I love adventure games and I make them for all those other adventure game fans. Believing your game helps a lot as someone said on the AGS forums.

Ez: Thanks for your time.

P: You’re welcome.


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