Interview with Mark ‘m0ds’ Lovegrove, project leader of FoY

Ezine: What is the story of FOY

Mark Lovegrove: It’s 1939, the dawn of WWII and whilst on a routine archeological hunt, our hero Indiana Jones jnr. finds himself robbed of a mysterious gel containing gem. It is after hearing about a German Nazi general, Kaltenbrunner, that he realises the Nazi’s may be up to something.

They’re searching for the Fountain Of Youth as is Indy, now. As the plot thickens one of Dr Jones’ students, Shelley Hartley finds herself mixed up in the chase to reach the mysterious fountain, that is said to give those who drink it eternal youth – but does the general have something else up his sleeve?


Ez: How far along is the project.

ML: We haven’t finished the intro just yet, but at a good five minutes long theres a lot of artwork, animation and scripting to be done! It may sound like it’s not getting very far very fast, but everyone on the team is putting in whole-hearted effort. After that, we’ll be rattling through the puzzles (and no doubt, more animation!) and we’ll have the game ready for 2004.


Ez: Who is on the team.

ML: We have the very talented Misja van Laatum working on background, object and inventory art. You’ve undoubtedly seen snippets of his artwork for FoY and it truly is amazing. Alan Rodrigues is creating our sprites and animating – his hard work will deffinatley show in the game. Helping him with animation of sprites is David Scott who has kindly put in time to help out with the project. Theres Shawn Guzzo who’s working on the story and design and of course Amberle Johnson, who is doing all the book-work for us 😉 Last but not least, myself – and currently I’m just sitting on my butt. But, I do the coding and music too 😉


Ez: What are the specs of the game? (Res, Music Quality, length, etc.)

ML: The game is in high-colour, which surprises some because FOA was in 256 colour. Other than that, we’re using MIDI music and 320×200 resolution. We have no indication on how long the game will be, but gurantee you’ll be addicted for hours 😉

 FOY exclusive art

Ez: What’s the expected release date.

ML: 2004! I thought everyone knew that? 😛

Ez: How linear will the story be?

ML: Most certainly non-linear. The intro is expanding and so are the puzzles. What we’ve got down in design is never set in stone. Therefore we’ve already found that the first puzzle can be

AGS Ezine


Page 6


expanded somewhat to what is already written in the design. Because of this, the team will more than likely have idea bursts and just keep expanding the length, playability and enjoyment of the game. That way, we can assure non-linearity.

Ez: FOA had a fight system, will FOY implement one?

ML: Naturally. Although Indy does a lot of thinking, we all know theres a fair amount of fist work. Many fans of FOA have asked about a fight-system and FoY will deffinatley have one. Although it may not come in to play as often as it did in FOA, there will be something there of a similar nature.


Ez:Where in the hell did you find Miez?

Here is it, folks, the absolutely exclusive art for FoY at its best


ML: To be honest – I can’t remember. Miez, where did we find you?

Misja ”Miez” van Laatum: I saw a question for BG artists somewhere and sent him an email. Then he asked me to make a test-image, to see if I could do the FoA thing and when I did he liked the image, told me I was more than welcome to join the team – and that’s it. 🙂


Ez: Will there be a speech pack?

ML: Who knows! There’s some wild aspirations like putting FoY on disc and getting its own box, full MP3 soundtrack and talkie versions, translations and more – but that’s really something to think about in the future. We haven’t even got past the intro yet, remember? 😛


Ez: When can we expect a demo and/or full release.

ML: The demo will be available to all on September 1st 2003. As some know, we’re taking a very very alpha version to Mittens this year, and then having a month to touch it up etc before the demo release on September 1st. That way we can add more sprites, animations etc before the demo release. As for the full game itself, sometime in 2004. Who knows, we sure don’t.


Ez: Thanks for your time.


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