Interview with Chrille Blomqvist, creator of Revenants

Ez: First, tell us a bit more about yourself – what do you like doing, what do you work etc.

Chrille: I love music and movies, right now I’m not doing anything, I may pick up studying in the fall

Ez: Do you like adventure games in general and in particular freeware ones and which of both are your favourites?

Chrille: Yes I like both of them, but I rarely have time to play them. My favourite adventure game of all time is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. I can’t really tell what my favourite freeware/indie. Adventure is

Ez: How did you come across AGS?

Chrille: Having recently replayed most of my favourite old adventure games shortly before P:DA, I got inspired enough to start designing an adventure game, I searched the web for engines and AGS was simply the best option that popped up.


Ez: How did you come up with the idea of P: DA?

Chrille: Among other things, two games, Gabriel Knight and the Manhunter series.

Ez: Did you expect such positive feedback for P: DA?

Chrille: Hmmm, well, I was expecting (or hoping at least) that people would like it

Ez: And they did for sure!

Ez: What will the features of Revenants be?

Chrille: Hmm, tough question.

Ez: Like estimated playing time, resolution, characters backgrounds…

Chrille: I’m afraid I can’t list features in the form of Character, Backgrounds, Estimated Play Time etc., because I’m not fully sure myself yet.


Ez: So how far is Revenants?

Chrille: hmm, it’s still quite early on in development, but we’ve soon finished the basic coding and the first “chapter” of the game (which is pretty much the only linear part of it). After that things should flow on much faster.

Ez: You mentioned the first “chapter”. How many chapters will there be and how non-linear will the game be?

Chrille: For the first question, hmmm, four, the way things look right now. The chapters will however vary a great deal in size. The game will be very non-linear 😉

Ez: In the demo, which was awesome, there was a combat system. Will it remain unchanged in the final release and will revenants include many battles.

Chrille: The combat system you saw in the second version of the demo will remain unchanged,  how many battles there are will be up to the player.

Ez: Will there be an opportunity to finish the game without solving many of the puzzles like in Colonel’s bequest?

Chrille: Hehe, yes, that’s what I told you about earlier. Being able to skip some of the objectives and still manage to complete the game.

Ez: Will the GUI remain unchanged in the final version to what we saw in the demo?

Chrille: Yes, aside from a few improvements with the cursor system.


Ez: Will revenants include voice acting considering that there wasnt much speech in the demo?

Chrille: I havn’t decided yet,  there is alot more speech in the full version. While good voice acting can improve the feel of a game immensly, I’m afraid it’s a big difference doing voice acting for a “serious” game compared to a humorous game. It might be difficult to find people willing to spend that much time and effort on it.

Ez: When can we expect the final release?

Chrille: Can’t tell for sure, probably not this year I’m afraid

Ez: How far is P:The Asylum?

Chrille: Not far at all

Ez: Is it frozen till you finish Revenants?

Chrille: either that or Urban Joe

Ez: Anything more you would like to add?

Chrille: Hehe, not unless you have any more game specific questions 🙂

Ez: Thanks for your time


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  1. Anxious said,

    September 17, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Pleurghburg was one heck of a game. Can’t wait till revenants is released. Good job Mr Blomqvist!

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