Indiana Jones and the fountain of youth preview

Remember the good old days when you were ten years younger and you played “Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis”? Do you want these days to come back?

            Well, Mark Lovegrove and his teammates sure do! One of the most promising projects out there is Indiana Jones and the fountain youth. The story is about Indy, who is trying to prevent the Nazis from getting to the fountain of youth. For details, see the interview with Mark Lovegrove below.

            The thing that makes this game one of the most promising games out there is the graphics. They are simply gorgeous. Outstanding. Fabulous. Awesome. And I am not exaggerating a single bit. They are made my Misja Van Laatum, a professional artist. In my humble opinion, they are even better than the graphics in Fate of Atlantis. Misja just gives them a semi-realistic look and feel. He has also made a tutorial how to make FoA-like graphics, which is available at the FoY website.

         The music is also very professionally made. From the two tracks mark has released, I may say that they are very reminiscent of… “Fate of Atlantis”. Even though he said that they are not completely finished, they sound great and most certainly will fit into the game’s atmosphere.

            The sprites are also smashing. Judging from the many sprites Alan has done, I must say that they look great and are at least equal to those Lucas arts did ten years ago.

            One thing that I am doing wrong about this preview so far is the comparison between FoY and FoA. It is very unfair to say that these guys are just making a fan-game based on FoA. Instead, they are making a very original game which is vaguely based on Lucas arts’ games. They have optimized the GUI and made lots of research to write the storyline. So sorry guys, FoA is just the closest thing to FoY and thus is compared to it.

            Another thing that is vital for an Indy game is non-linearity. Although it FoY wont follow the “three ways” path, Mark promised that the plot will be fairly non-linear and the game would have big replay value.


Talkie version and digital soundtrack aren’t planned yet, but Mark’s intention is to have two versions of the game – a freeware one with text and midi music, and a boxed one with digital soundtrack and voice acting. As he said, who knows?

            The demo which features the intro and the first set of puzzles will be released on September 1st, but all the lucky ones who are going to Mittens can get a sneak preview of the intro. The final release isn’t scheduled yet, the team just hopes that it will be released somewhere in 2004.

Let’s hope that the Indiana Jones and the Fountain of youth team will not disappoint us and will do its best to give us a high-quality game which will revive the good old days some years ago…


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