Grr! Bearly Sane Review

Introduction. The recently released game named “Grr! Bearly Sane” is one of the funniest AGS games I have played. It most certainly isn’t your run-off-the-mill adventure game. Let me start with the

Plot. Dan is a carnival entertainer dressed in a bear costume. But his life is not as good as he wants – his boss is constantly humiliating him, knowing that Dan needs the money to pay for his apartment. But now Dan is fed up with his boss and wants to get the world rid of him. And that’s when the game starts. “Bearly Sane” has a hilarious plot, and the situations are such as well. There is some violence throughout the game(after all, your goal is to kill your boss), but it is made in a funny way and it does not bother the player. To sum it up, the hilarious story of “Grr! Bearly Sane” will surely get you entertained.

Gameplay. The game is rather short, I think that no one will have difficulties finishing it for less than an hour. The interface is a verb coin GUI, with one added element. That’s the “Anger meter” – it shows how angry Dan is – and depending on its level, the main character will perform different actions. A really cool idea, but I think that it was kind of underrated in the game – I hardly remember a puzzle in which you had to use it. It also could have made the game at least partially non-linear, but, alas, it does not. The game ran almost flawlessly, except for one or two bugs and a few typos. On the whole, “Grr! Bearly Sane” is a very enjoyable experience, although its few flaws.

Graphics. The art of the game is very pleasant. The backgrounds are very nicely drawn, in a unique style, which really fits the carnival theme. The best thing about the graphics though is the character art – the character designs are very cartoony, and the amount of animation is immense – not very often you see so many animationsin an amateur adventure game. Infact, I think that there wasn’t a single “You do this and that” message throughout the whole game. It is pure pleasure watching the smooth moving pictures – Dan scratching his back, a seagull flying… A very enjoyable thing to do if you ask me.

Sound and music. The music of the game, while fitting and well composed, is not made especially for “Grr! Bearly sane”, which in my opinion is a definite drawback. On the other side, there is a very nice credits song performed by the game’s creator himself. The sound effects in the game are many and various, and all of them match the atmosphere perfectly. At the end of the day, the sound and music in the make the experience even more pleasurable, though the music could have been written especially for this game.

Conclusion. “Grr! Bearly sane”, one of the best AGS games released,  is definitely a game worth playing.

Grr!Bearly Sane!

Creator: Duzz

Download from: Duzz’s Website

AGS Ezine score:



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