Flashbax review

Introduction. One of the latest games created with AGS is Flashbax. In it, you play a janitor, who had his memory wiped out, and is trying to escape from his kidnappers. This game is the first one made by Mark Fozbee, so, I guess we shouldn’t be very harsh on his game.


         The good. First, the graphics – they are skillfully drawn in a low resolution and in a cartoony manner. The intro is also excellent. The animation is also smooth and fits the game style very well. The first part of the plot is also very intriguing; the main character often has “déjà vu” visions, which thrill the player. Sadly, the first-rate things end here. Let us now continue to

         The average. The things that are so-so in this game are many. First, the first half of the puzzles. They can be described with two words – innovative and easy. Another average thing is the music. The tunes are not memorable, but they fit the atmosphere quite well. As much as I would not like, we will have to move on to


         The bad. Alas, there are many bad things in this game. The author tried to use violence in a funny and witty way, but, regrettably, failed miserably. Sorry foz, but severing the hand of a dead man you have killed just to pass the hand scanner is not the most creative puzzle I’ve seen. It might suit an action game, but for an adventure game, it is quite absurd. But the nauseating and vulgar moments do not stop here. There is also a man puking with a quite realistic sound, but that can be described as “quite funny” by someone with a gross sense of humour. The most disgusting part of the game is a man doing the “home alone” type of sex just to push a button. This crosses all kinds of moral and ethical borders. It might easily been avoided with just letting the character stick the filthy magazine to the red button and tell the old man to go downstairs, but, sadly, the creator did not think of it. Speaking of it, the second set of puzzles is rather illogical, forcing the player to use the “use everything with everything” strategy. Well, that’s all for the unpleasant moments of the game. But the bad does not end here. There are many and various bugs in this game, even with the new version of the game. Also, all typos you can think of are there. It seems like Flashbax has skipped the beta testing stage. The ending is also rather disappointing.

         The conclusion. This game is worth playing just until you get to the second floor. All people who may feel offended please do not download this game. Only a Carmageddon fan may actually enjoy the second part of the game. Sadly, the graphics and animations can not compensate the many drawbacks of Flashbax. But the author should not be discouraged in any way. He should just think more about the plot next time.

Overall rating:



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