Conspiracy of Songo Review

Introduction. Seeing most people holding their almost ready games to themselves until late December to get an AGS award, I had almost lost hope to play a good game in the September-November period. Until Conspiracy of Songo was released.  This is a game is worth playing. Let’s now review its components in an ascending-quality order.

            Graphics. I am sorry to say that, but the graphics are mostly amateurish. The backgrounds often have perspective problems, and, moreover, they look as if they are drawn with a mouse with much dust in it. The animations, however, are better. While there are some awkward ones as the walking animation (Oh, how I wish that was a better one) or the talking animations, there are also some unique ones like Wally Wiser beating his head to the bar. On the scales, I’d say that the author hasn’t got much artistic talent, but has put much effort in them so that they do not look very amateurish.

            Music and sound. The music and sound are overall good, but nothing memorable. The background music is MIDI, with some nice tunes and some bad ones. The sound effects are nothing too special.

            Plot. You play Shila Rider, a young woman, who is on a cruise with her boyfriend. However, their boat makes a detour, and they are left on a weird island, and her boyfriend immediately arrested for stealing Songo, the town’s idol. The plot is overall admirable, though it has a hole or two.


            Puzzles. Excellent. None too hard, none too easy, none illogical. They are also various, and I assure you that you will not get bored. My favourite one is the one where you are given a general knowledge test. I won’t spoil the solution to this puzzle, but it is the best one I’ve seen for a while.

            Miscellaneous. The best part of the game is the scripting. The interface is simple and stylish; every time a new location appears, a sound effect plays; the location flashes. The same goes to phone numbers, dialogue scripting and menus.  The game is quite lengthy – the average adventurer will need about 5 hours to finish it. So do not hesitate, download this great game now!

Overall score: 80%


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