Candace Grace: Bard’s Blood preview

“If music be the food of love, play on!”

-William Shakespeare

One of the most original and promising adventures to come is most certainly “Bard’s blood” by Dragonrose. The first thing that impressed me about this game was the original plot. Grace is a young musician in a band. Unfortunately, after an incident in a concert hall, the burning ceiling falls on the drummer and he dies. Then Grace is having horrible nightmares about Patrick’s (the drummer) death. She thinks it was a misfortune, but what if it was not? Then the game takes off. As Dragonrose described it herself, it will be a combination of Celtic myth and Rock ‘n roll.Bard’s blood screenshot 2

            The next thing that impressed me were the graphics. I must say that her style is quite unique and very good, as you can see from the exclusive screenshots on the left. Overall, I think that they fit just right in the game’s atmosphere.

Bard’s blood screenshot 1

Another original thing about this game is going to be the music. While the in-game tunes will be midi, there will be three originally recorded and performed songs Called “Fire Inside,” “Fall Into the Stars” and “Take You Home.”

The interface is going to be similar to Gabriel knight: sins of the fathers, as you can see from the screenshots. A cool thing about it is that the songs grace knows will be used as spells and will be kept in a separate inventory window. Very original indeed. As for the release date, she said she hoped that the game will be released till March. She also said that there wasn’t a talkie planned, but hey, who knows? We can only wait to see what Dragonrose will make as a final product. As for me, both thumbs up!


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