By the Sword: Conspiracy Preview

Introduction. By the Sword: Conspiracy is going to be the second commercial adventure game made with AGS. It is sci-fi themed, set in 2197. The demo was released last month, so here are my opinions based on it.

            Plot. Lieutenant Ron Ganon is a young and prosperous astronaut, and after saving one of his crew is hibernated till returning to Earth. However, he gets woken up to see that all of the ship’s crew is dead. Put simply, he has to uncover the mystery.

            Graphics. Pre rendered 3D and poser-made characters. Nothing special compared to commercial titles, but still very good measured up to the AGS scene. In the demo there seemed to be some glitches with them, but I am sure that they will be fixed in the final release now that AGS supports 32 bit color. On the scales, the graphics add much to the game’s atmosphere.

            Sound. Here the demo should have done better. There were only two(!) music tracks and no sound effects. Of course, in the final release of BtS, there will be much more music, but I cannot judge what will it be since the demo does not feature almost any.


bts.gifes. There are some pros and cons of the puzzles.  One point for is that they include selection of difficulty level at the beginning – the higher you choose it to be, the harder the puzzles are and the more things you see. Another good thing is that the puzzles are various and innovative. On the contrary, though,they are too adventuresque and distract you from the plot.  Another point against is that you need to remember too much codes. For example, you have to recall a number that a character said in the intro at the middle of the chapter, which is approximately 3 hours later, and type it in a parser box, which practically leaves the player in a dead end.

            Miscellaneous. The game will be released somewhere in 2004. It will cost around $10, which is a reasonable price. There is a downloadable demo ready, which includes chapter one of six. The preview is based on the first release of the demo, and that’s why I will not mention the bugs, I take that they have been fixed in the second release on prima vista. The game will be fairly long, considering that it took me about 5 hours to finish chapter one, so in my opinion that game would be worth its money.

Note: the playable demo is available here and is 18MB large.


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