Buccaneer Review

Richard McRoch is a buccaneer, whose wife passed away several years ago. He is also working in Amsterdam. One day, he wakes up to find that his manifests are gone! Somehow, he knows that his rival stole them, but, hey, he has got to prove it and take them back. This is the story of the best MAGS game ever, Buccaneer. The thing that makes it the best, obviously, is the strong plot. I must say that it is full of drama and excitement. The thing that also makes it such it that you actually care about the main character – something that is unbelievably hard to achieve in a 15-minutes long game. The ending is really well made, and I think that if the game had good voice acting, the experience would be even more moving. The graphics of the game are overall very good, for a MAGS game. The animations are smooth and pleasant to watch. The puzzle(s) are clever. Due to the much appreciation this small game has received, Unosar entertainment is now working on a sequel, which will be longer and filled with even more drama than this one. Expect coverage of Buccaneer II in our next issues. On the scales, this game is a must-have. The strong plot and drama make it not just your average one-hour game – they make it a potential classic.


Overall MAGS score:



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