Awakening of the Sphinx preview

One of the promising, but not widely know AGS games in production is “Awakening of the Sphinx” by Andrew MacCormack. It is one of the few historically themed games, and it is set in Egypt.

The main character, General Homerheb, a low born man that has worked his way through the army, meets the vizier, who tells him that if the Pharaoh was got rid of, he’d become the regent and would give Homerheb nobility, something he would need in order to get the attention of the vizier’s daughter. The plot is very accurate historically, and the supernatural stuff that is in just seems to fit the game.


As for graphics, they are not the best I’ve seen, but certainly not bad – the amount of effort put in the backgrounds really shows. Characters, while not that well drawn are very smoothly animated and seem to fit the artistic style of the game. On the whole, graphics are put much effort into and that really shows.

The music of the game is so far well composed, and I’ve heard some soft Egyptian rock tunes (if there is such thing). The game will hopefully feature a digital music pack and a speech pack, something that would surely make the atmosphere stronger.

The thing that I like most of this game(so far) is that it is going to have optional conversations and documents with historical facts – something very reminiscent of the Gabriel Knight games. While the average gamer will concentrate on the story and puzzles, the knowledge-loving one will spend time reading documents – this will lengthen the gameplay even more.


“Awakening of the Sphinx” is going to be released in late 2004, but we can expect a demo within one or two months. Thumbs up!


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