Apprentice review


Maybe the best AGS game that has been released in a while, “Apprentice” tells the story of a young apprentice working for his master magician. The game starts when his master tells him to get the ingredients for his first spell. The plot is nothing special, but works for a short game like this.


The thing that impressed me the most is the graphics. They seem very DOTT-ish and really strengthen the game’s atmosphere. But there is one thing better than the graphics: the animation. I can say that this is the smoothest animation I have ever seen in an amateur game. I felt like I was playing Sam and Max again.

The sound is also very good. The tracks are digitally recorded and well-performed in a baroque-like style. The sound effects are also nice.

The downside of the game is that it is really short – most of you will finish it in less than an hour. Another drawback is the rather disappointing ending considering the promising intro. I suppose there will be a sequel, judging from that. Apart from it, go and play Apprentice – you will surely have fun!


Overall rating: 85%


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