“Al Gurbish in Nick It and Run” review

Al Gurbish is working at the secret service at the city of Thathurst. He is the run-of-the-mill “butt” employee with all the good cases going to his colleagues. This time, however, an interesting case has turned up – the most prestigious awards for adventure gaming(the stans, of course) are being held in the city of Thathurst, and there’s a conspiracy of stealing the biggest award – the Silver Stan. But the secret serive do not know who to put in jail and so, the mission of our her, Al Gurbish, begins – he must steal the Silver Stan.
Nick it and Run screenshot The graphics of NIR are quite nice, with a style that is very reminiscent of Day of the tentacle and a high 640*480 resolution, they are one of the best graphics in an AGS game ever. The animations are generally good, but sometimes lack frames, which is quite comprehensive since that is a freeware game.
The sound isn’t as good as the graphics are, but still, the midis are nice and the SFX, while too few, are quite good.
The plot is quite funny. Throughout the game you’ll meet Osama Bin Laden, a McDonald’s parody and many, many more interesting, funny and punny places and characters.
The downside of the game is the numerous bugs. The GUI is developed by Aussiesoft, but alas he didn’t have enough time to optimize it. There were many other
bugs – for example when I entered a building, I saw a man walking on the wall! Of course, a few bugs can’t scare a true adventurer like yourself, now, can they? So go and download Nick It and Run now at Aussiesoft’s website: http://www.freewebs.com/aussiesoft/index.htm

Overall rating:



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