5 Days a Stranger Review

Introduction. “Five days a stranger” is Yathzee’s latest release, and by all means, his best. I know that most of you may be rather reserved to him, but it would be very unfair, considering the great game he just released.

            Graphics. The backgrounds are well-drawn without being something incredible. The creator has put much effort into making them, which is obvious, considering how much detail they have. On the whole, the backgrounds are one of the best low-res ones I have seen in a while. The character art and animation however are much better. The amount of animation during the game is immense, and the character art is great. I think the graphics of “5 Days a Stranger” are the best part of it.

            Sound. Unlike the graphics, the sound disappoints. There are almost none sound effects in the game; the music tracks are few and far between. If the sound had been better, this might have been the most atmospheric game in a while.

            Plot. You play Trilby, a gentleman burglar, who is about to get into his next house to lift what he can from it. It is old and abandoned; something about it just seems not right. When he gets into the house and founds nothing, he, naturally, wants to get out of it. But the house will not let him. Soon he finds that he isn’t the only one stuck in it… The plot of the game is rather good, but later on with the game is just unrealistic. In my humble opinion, Yathzee should not have rushed the last one or two days of the game.


            Puzzles. Good, but nothing special. They are not too hard, and will not be a problem for most adventurers. The puzzles are also logical, which is the most important thing.

            Miscellaneous. The game is completely bug-free, which is a very good thing. The only poor thing in the misc. stuff is the GUI. Every time you want to change your action, you have to press the right button and then select the action, which is really annoying. However, in the new versions of the game, this is fixed.

            Conclusion. This is one game worth playing. Despite the few drawbacks it has (like sound, GUI), it is a really enjoyable title, which can take away a few hours of your free time.

Overall score: 75%


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