“Bear guy” project preview

Dan is a butt. His wife left him taking most of his possessions with her. He is now forced to work as a carnival guy and wear a stupid bear suit in order to pay his bills for his miserly suburbian apartment. But the thing that offs the top is a kid from hell, who is doing all kinds of dirty tricks on Dan. But his no-good boss may use the excuse of poor language to relieve Dan of his wages, those same wages Dan was counting on to keep his apartment…


That’s the story of this really original yet-to-be-released game. The graphics are really sweet, especially the character’s shading. I also love the animation – it is really smooth and funny. Speaking of fun, when I played the short demo, I found myself laughing under the desk in the intro – the humour is really great!

The interface is also innovative. Apart from the verb coin, there is a Gargh-o-meter which monitors Dan’s stress level. I don’t know what will happen if it reaches the top, but I guess Dan will either get a heart attack or he’ll curse the kid, which will eventually leave him without wages.

The “Bear guy” project, being developed by Duzz, is yet in the early stages of development. Lets hope he gives his best and does not let us down.


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